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The Best Defense is a Good Offense

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Welcome to the Dads of Daughters Website. We’ll call it DoD for short. I know what you’re thinking. DoD stands for “Department of Defense.” And I like it that way. Here’s why:

As a dad of a daughter [maybe more than one daughter], you are the primary line of defense she has in life. When she was an infant, you followed car seat safety laws to keep her secure when traveling. You implemented the frequent use of hand sanitizer to protect her from germs. You may have even gotten a vaccination just to prevent her from catching whooping cough. Can you pronounce pertussis? As she grew, you purchased protective gear like elbow pads and bicycle helmets. You also emphasized things like looking both ways and stranger danger. Why? Protection.

As our daughters grow past childhood into the dreaded preteen and teen years, our lines of defense take on an entirely different approach. “Mean girls” are different than bee stings. And crushes can be brutal, especially when girls go after the bad boys. At one time or another, many of us were the bad boys and now we have super human “spidey-sense” when it comes to sniffing out young men with less than honorable intentions.

One day, our daughters will grow up and they’ll need us less. Currently, you are her primary line of defense. It’s a job you’ll keep until she’s an adult, and maybe even after she’s grown to some degree. According to the DoD website, the Secretary of Defense acts under the authority of the President to keep America safe. There you have it. Dad, you act under the authority of almighty God to raise, protect, steward the life of your daughter. It’s a big job. We want to help. 

This monthly update is all about providing tools to help you be the best dad of a daughter you can be. Because the best defense is a good offense, we’ll send you tools and ideas to help you be aware and proactive and incredible.

God loves and values your little girl. She’s a treasure that He’s entrusted to you. We’re excited to see where this journey takes us. As a dad of two daughters myself, I need these monthly reminders to be intentional. 

Let’s do this…together.

Nic Allen

Dad to Lillie Cate &Nora Blake

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