Community Groups

Community Groups

We encourage you to select a group and give it a 6-8 week solid try. It takes time to build community and to deepen your experiences together in Bible study. Simply click on the leader’s name and an email window will open allowing you to contact them directly. Each leader is happy to answer any and all questions about their group and help you take the necessary steps to get connected.

If you don’t see a group that is just the right fit? Complete the form provided below and we will work diligently to help you find a great group this year. Keep in mind that if your top value is “night of the week,” the best group may not be the closest. If your value is the closest to home or work, you may have to be flexible with the meeting day and time.

Be reminded that while all groups do not provide childcare in the home, childcare costs incurred by participants in a Rolling Hills Community Group can be reimbursed. Follow the steps below to complete your childcare reimbursement request.

As always, if you have questions we are just an email click or a phone call away.

Laura Chapman, Community Groups Minister
Nic Allen, Discipleship Pastor


Our groups follow the school year calendar. If you’re interested in leading a group, please contact Groups and Connections Minister Laura Chapman


Childcare Reimbursement: To help parents with children participate in Community Groups, RHCC will reimburse at a set rate each week they utilize childcare in order to attend a group. RHCC only reimburses parents; it does not select, hire or pay babysitters and does not provide IRS Form 1099 to either parents or babysitters. (The 2017-2018 rate is $20 a week for sitters hired by individual families and $24 a week for groups who do group on-site childcare.)

Parents must be attending a group registered with RHCC to be eligible, and reimbursement requests must be made within 30 days of the group meeting. Reimbursement is made at RHCC's sole discretion and may be discontinued at any time. 

Childcare Reimbursement Form 

Community Group Registration

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