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True Grit | The Beauty of Bravery

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Jeff Simmons

April 15, 2018

It takes bravery to be a hero. We are followers Christ living in a pagan world. This world is not our home. Therefore, we will experience conflict and persecution, if we truly live our lives for Christ. Sometimes, the persecution is small - someone may not understand why we pray, go to church or invest in God’s work. Other times, the persecution is big - many Christ-followers around the world put their lives on the line. Through it all, we are called to be brave. Faith requires risk, and heroes emerge from conflict. Are you living a life of fear or faith? Are you boldly living the Christian life? Step out and be brave - God is with you and for you!


Be Encouraged
Tim and Jennifer's Story

A story of Thanksgiving. Tim and Jennifer share their story of recovery, and how God is there to walk us through the good and the bad times. "The circumstances are sometimes devastating and the circumstances are sometimes overwhelming, but the thing that never ever changes is that God is there to walk us through. You have a choice when you go through circumstances like this. To focus on thing that are lost or to focus on the good amidst the pain."

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