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Rooted: Knowing Who We Are

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Jeff Simmons

January 14, 2018

God’s Church is the vehicle by which He accomplishes His work in the world. God loves His Church, and He calls her to be active in the community and the world. The Church is not a “country club” that exists only for its members, but the Church is called to reach out to all people in the Name of Jesus. As disciples of Christ, we have this calling to love God and to love others. As a part of this calling, we must get out of our comfort zone and engage with the world around us. At Rolling Hills, we are continuing to reach out both locally and internationally. What “Next Steps” do you need to take to “reach out” in the Name of Christ to those around you and throughout the world?


Be Encouraged
Tim and Jennifer's Story

A story of Thanksgiving. Tim and Jennifer share their story of recovery, and how God is there to walk us through the good and the bad times. "The circumstances are sometimes devastating and the circumstances are sometimes overwhelming, but the thing that never ever changes is that God is there to walk us through. You have a choice when you go through circumstances like this. To focus on thing that are lost or to focus on the good amidst the pain."

Shana's Story

A story of Thanksgiving. Shana shares her journey to freedom through Jesus Christ. "God has taught me to trust. To trust God. You know it is okay to let people in. I don’t feel lifeless. I don’t feel like I’m a captive. I feel very much like I have been set free. I feel very much like I’m free in Christ. I get it. "

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