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Oct 08, 2017 | Jeff Simmons

The Tabernacle

God longs to dwell with His people. In the beginning, when God created man, God walked with man in the cool of the day. When man sinned, there was an immediate separation – Holy God from sinful man. Yet, God set into motion a plan to redeem mankind. God called out a people for Himself. He told the people to build a “tabernacle,” so He might dwell with them. Today, God comes to us in His Son, Jesus Christ. God wants to dwell with us. Will you draw near to God today? God longs to dwell with His people.

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Nothing mattered more in the Old Testament than the presence of God. In some sense or another, nothing matters more than God’s presence today too…

for Christ-followers
for hurting people
for developing nations
for world leaders

Just because everyone can’t agree on who God is doesn’t mean we all don’t desire to know Him, feel Him, trust Him, believe in Him. The Bible is full of pictures. It’s an album of images and illustrations that come together to form an accurate depiction of who God is and what He wants. Ultimately, it’s to dwell with us. To be present for us. For us to know Him and experience Him in the reality of who He is. We trend toward glossing over passages with lots of difficult Old Testament details. Why did they carry around that big tent? What’s up with the altar and the curtain? Why all the specifics about lamps and water basins? In a very significant way, each one of those graphic details gives us a glimpse into who God is. He still wants to tabernacle with us today…to pitch His presence here in our world too. This time, it’s not a tent in the wilderness. It’s a home in the heart and life of every believer in Jesus. Maybe if we examine the details of God’s presence back then, we’ll get to know Him better for today.

The tabernacle is a story before The Story. It’s a picture of God’s presence among an ancient people that revealed the person of His Son Jesus for all time.

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