Thrive Nashville

If you’ve ever wondered if the Church is relevant to your generation, or asked yourself, “Where do I belong?”… We’re glad you decided to check out Thrive. Thrive is a weekly worship environment for you to connect with other believers, build community, and develop an authentic faith in Jesus Christ.

What should I expect?

Thrive is a safe place to find answers about Jesus, God and Christianity. We are made up of all sorts of people at different places in their faith journey. Also, we are an eclectic mix of all that Nashville has to offer. We are entrepreneurs, artists, executives, musicians and more. And we are comfortable in our own skin, so you should be too. So, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and leave your inhibitions at the door. 

You can expect a warm greeting, passionate worship music, a thoughtful and relevant “TED Talk Style” teaching and an opportunity to break into smaller groups for a short time of discussion. We will meet every Thursday at 7:30pm starting September 8. Join us at 618 Ewing Ave., Nashville, TN