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Kate's Baptism Story

Kate Simmons publicly declares her faith and resolve to serve the Lord with all her life by taking her next step through baptism.

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Daniel | Living an Uncompromised Life

A Greater Vision

Nic Allen

July 17, 2016

The Book of Daniel offers us the only apocalyptic voice in the Old Testament. Why do these words of Eschatology matter? These words expand our view of God which encourages a high view of God leading to worship and fear. The words in Daniel define history and decode the future. These words elevate our understanding of Jesus and remind us that we are to always be about the King’s business.

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Immeasurably More

A Book By Jeff Simmons | Coming August 2016
It's time to trade in the ordinary life for an eternal journey
that never ceases to overwhelm and amaze. This is God's story.
Our story. Your story.


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