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Michael's Story

Jeff and Michael sit down and talk about the incredible ways Michael has experience healing and redemption.

Jimmy's Story

Jimmy shares how his Immeasurably More journey began with a call to step out of his comfort zone and go minister to a world in need.

The Hendrich Story

The Hendrich family share how they saw God's power through the adoption of their daughter, Maria. Enjoy this powerful retelling of God's provision, faithfulness and steadfast love, as they walk through their "harder but sweeter" life together.

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Immeasurably More

Bust Down The Roadblocks

Jeff Simmons

September 18, 2016

We all have roadblocks that keep us from reaching our full potential in Christ and from experiencing the immeasurably more life. Being honest about the roadblocks in your own life is the first step to breaking through. From there we must be bold enough to take the necessary steps to find healing and hope. Through it all, we must keep Christ first. He is sovereign over all creation and over our very life. Prioritizing Christ impacts everything in us. Where are you in your relationship with Christ Jesus today? Don’t let a roadblock keep you from the immeasurably more life that God has for you.

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Immeasurably More

A Book By Jeff Simmons | Coming August 2016
It's time to trade in the ordinary life for an eternal journey
that never ceases to overwhelm and amaze. This is God's story.
Our story. Your story.


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