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The Beginning of Immeasurably More

Everyone has a story, but we have been invited to be a part of a greater story. God has done immeasurably more than we can ask or even imagine.

Nic's Story

Pastor Jeff sits down with Pastor Nic to talk about how God has walked with Nic on his journey of weight loss. Be encouraged as Nic shares how God can transform you and your mindset about body image.

Our Baptism Story

The next step of baptism is always a testament to a growing faith in Christ and a commitment to serve Him with your life. Watch as we celebrate the public declaration of faith through baptism at our Baptism Celebration.

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Identity In Christ

August 21, 2016

Image – we all deal with it. In fact, thanks to the marketing driven world in which we live, we are bombarded by the image of the world all day long. This culture of performance, looks and more leads to so much of our anxiety and fears. Yet, God invites us to find our identity in Christ. To live in the peace of knowing that God loves us and He will provide for us. Where is your image? Are you living as an “image-bearer” of the God who loves you?

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Immeasurably More

A Book By Jeff Simmons | Coming August 2016
It's time to trade in the ordinary life for an eternal journey
that never ceases to overwhelm and amaze. This is God's story.
Our story. Your story.


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