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Forged: Refined by Fire

Be Faithful Even in the Good Times

Jeff Simmons

July 15, 2018

Our faith is tested more in the good times than in the hard times. In the difficult times, we hold on to God. We recognize our utter dependence on Him when we are in the hospital, facing a financial struggle or in a crisis. Yet, in times of success, many people begin to drift away from God. We put our faith in ourselves and talk about what we have accomplished. Learning to hold on to God and being faithful in times of success is a real mark of spiritual growth and maturity. Joseph did this, and I pray we will as well. Let’s be faithful people even in the good times.


Be Encouraged
Jason and Amber's Story

Watch as Jason and Amber share their story of how they connect, share and grow with their community group each week.

Tim and Jennifer's Story

A story of Thanksgiving. Tim and Jennifer share their story of recovery, and how God is there to walk us through the good and the bad times. "The circumstances are sometimes devastating and the circumstances are sometimes overwhelming, but the thing that never ever changes is that God is there to walk us through. You have a choice when you go through circumstances like this. To focus on thing that are lost or to focus on the good amidst the pain."

Erika's Story

Watch as Erika reveals how Jesus ministered to her through some of the hardest trials, as she learned to trust in Him and His timing.

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