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Christmas | The Power of Perspective

Inn Keeper

Jeff Simmons

December 10, 2017

Christmas is such a special time of year. This is the time when we hear songs about Jesus wherever we go (Christmas Carols). We celebrate His birth with the entire world, and we can feel His presence as we spend time with those we love. There is just something different about this time of year. Yet, the real danger is that we can miss Jesus in the midst of all the activities. Make this Christmas different. Pray, focus, love and give in a way that glorifies Jesus. Put Jesus first this Christmas in your life, your family and your workplace and truly experience the Christ of Christmas!


Be Encouraged
Tim and Jennifer's Story

A story of Thanksgiving. Tim and Jennifer share their story of recovery, and how God is there to walk us through the good and the bad times. "The circumstances are sometimes devastating and the circumstances are sometimes overwhelming, but the thing that never ever changes is that God is there to walk us through. You have a choice when you go through circumstances like this. To focus on thing that are lost or to focus on the good amidst the pain."

Shana's Story

A story of Thanksgiving. Shana shares her journey to freedom through Jesus Christ. "God has taught me to trust. To trust God. You know it is okay to let people in. I don’t feel lifeless. I don’t feel like I’m a captive. I feel very much like I have been set free. I feel very much like I’m free in Christ. I get it. "

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